Roast Chicken & Me, Me, ME!!!!

I had a dream last night.


I had the house to myself.  I was hungry.  I thawed a chicken. 


I trussed it up, rubbed it with various spices, stuffed it with bread crumbs and more spices.

I added red peppers to the outside; although that does not sound appetizing right now, in the dream, I thought it sounded scrumptious.


When it was cooked, I ate it.


Why am I boring you with this?


Because in my dream, I decided to live blog the entire experience.


I was quite sure my vast audience would be interested.


(I don’t think I would like “dream” Ginny.  She seems to be a bit of a great big raving narcissist.  If you ever meet her, feel free to avoid eye contact, and don’t bother intoducing yourself.  I wouldn’t.)


15 responses to “Roast Chicken & Me, Me, ME!!!!

  1. But… but that would just be rude… and I don’t think I’d score any dream chicken snubbing her like that. 😐

  2. Well at least you have an excuse. Sometimes reality is one of those “I did what?” They sell these things you fill with beer that you can put up the chicken on the grill while it roasts.

    OK, so was I little short of that piece of cooking implement, beer (in a bottle,) grill, what the hell. Bad idea, real bad idea.

  3. hahahaha. I´m sure you could manage to make it extremely funny if you live blogged the whole thing.

  4. you forgot to mention if you sleep naked or nightdressed

  5. Regardless of the content of my dreams, something is ususally fucking up on the technical front. So, had I dreamed this dream, my computer would have had connection problems, the oven would have been too hot, and a water pipe would have erupted. Now that would have been a cool dream . . .

  6. I had a dream about me getting my picture taken… with my new rabbits. You know, professional photographer style. What the hell?! LOL!

  7. I had no idea you were a supporter, PTD, thank you so much for your votes.

  8. Peter: I hereby promise to always share my chicken with you. No matter what.

    Allen: Um, yeah, CAN. Not BOTTLE. You probably have some stories about deep frying turkeys that end in second degree burns, don’t you?

    Bluestreak: You flatter me.

    Nursemyra: Fully nightdressed. Because if I’m not, the dreams are ENTIRELY different….

    Tysdaddy: Yeah. And if you’d blogged about it live, it would have been interesting. Unlike what I was going to put out there.

    Sue: You make me laugh 🙂 My grandma gets portraits of her and her lap dog done. Sometimes, we just get portraits of the dog. Cause she figures we’re into that kind of thing. We’re not.

    Keywork: You’re so welcome.

  9. Dude, when I launch the site, I’m totally doing instructional videos on awesome things from rad makeup to crafty things to cooking stuff. Feel free to hit me up with your weird dream recipes, and I’ll try them out on real humans. Except I don’t eat meat, so it’ll probably be Talea or some random bum who gets to try red-pepper-pollo or whatever. Suckers. Good times will ensue!

  10. Raw chickens freak me out

  11. Em: Thank you. I would LOVE to see you find a random bum from the streets of Toronto to cook chicken. Awesome.

    Xbox: As well they should. Salmonella is a tricksy little hobbit.

    P.S. & FYI: The next comment will be number 1000. Will there be a balloon drop, fireworks, a prize? No. It’s more like watching your odometer turn over to a cool number. Mildly amusing, yet ultimately unrewarding.

  12. Ginny, I can assure you I have never had a deep fryer issue. I do however have an horno issue.

    Horno: it’s a New Mexico outdoor oven thing, adobe blocks, stucco, build a fire in it for a few hours, then cook, the fire gets pretty intense at times.

    She: what the hell is that smell?
    Me: what are you talking about?
    She: It smells like burnt hair, what the hell happened to the hair on your arms, oh sweet Jesus, what happened to your hair?
    Me: nuthin.
    She: Oh Lord, I married a retard.

  13. I just found you off of Gigi’s Blog and have been reading through your posts — damn friggin hilarious. I’ll be back (i’m doing an Arnold Voice)

  14. Thank god! Someone else who thinks it’s best to keep our dreams to ourselves.
    OK…I admit it…the only reason I don’t share any of my dreams with anyone is because of that glazed look they get in their eyes. Otherwise, I promise I would be talking about them all the time.

  15. Allen: Oh Allen. Your wife is a good (and long-suffering) woman.

    Vinomom: Welcome! I love it when people do their own voice work – makes my job so much easier.

    mongoliangirl: I love it when people tell me thier dreams. Because then I get to play psychologist. And when they tell me I’ve interpreted the dream incorrectly, I just think to myself, “I hit a little too close to home, didn’t I? Truth hurts.”

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