Oh, Sherri


It’s kind of been a tough week (see previous post). I just wanna smile, dammit.


I can’t watch this and not smile. Can. Not.

My wonderful sister Sherri does a Carlton impression that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you think. She’s used her Carlton dance skills to win a bar competition, and, more importantly, free beer. (The Carlton dancing is on hold for now. She’s a wee bit pregnant, you see. And nausea and limb-flailing dancing do not mix.) I can hear my other sister and my brother now: “For Christ’s sakes, Ginny! Don’t encourage her!” Don’t listen to them, Sher-Sher. Let your freak flag fly. As soon as the fetus permits.


And what, you may ask, is that quirky Alphonso Ribeiro doing with his bad self these days? I spotted him the other day, whilst watching Lingo on the Game Show Network. (Yeah, that’s right. I’m that one person, besides your grandma, who watches that channel. Go ahead and poke your fun. I care not.)

He’s hosting a show called Catch 21. I don’t think there’ll be any dancing. Oh well.


Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

14 responses to “Oh, Sherri

  1. never trust a guy with a long straight candle in his hand

  2. When I first saw the title of this post, I thought it might be an ode to Steve Perry. You know you want to sing, now . . . dontcha?!

    And I used to love to watch old episodes of Press Your Luck . . . NO WHAMMIES!!!!

    Hava good weekend yourself kiddo . . .

  3. reminds me of the dance Elaine does on Seinfeld. too funny!

  4. Hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh! 😉

  5. Yeah, add me to the Steve Perry club. Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head…

    You should’ve been gone
    Knowing how I made you feel
    And I should’ve been gone
    After all your words of steel
    Oh, I must’ve been a dreamer
    And I must’ve been someone else
    And we should’ve been over

    You know, I don’t think my grandma even watches that channel. Nope, she lives here where I work. And like 80% of the rest of the grannies living here, she’s watching channel 19… the security camera channel that looks out the front door. LMAO!

  6. I never watched Fresh Prince and had no idea Carlton danced so much.
    I freaking loved that video. He looks so full of joy when he spazzes out, it warms my cold little heart.

    And dude, I totally just discovered the game show network. I’m all over it.

  7. Nursemyra: You are so wise. Are you writing these rules down somewhere???

    Tysdaddy: Oh, I sing that song. I sing that song all the time. Steve Perry (and, by extension, Journey) RULES!!!

    Bluestreak: Yeah, Sherri’s thing is the Carlton, mine’s the Elaine. Seriously.

    Katie: Welcome! Glad to be of service 🙂

    Sue: Cool. The club meets on Tuesdays. Bring snacks.

    Talea: If you ever get to Alberta, please, do stop in. We’ll wrap ourselves up in our Riders jerseys, split a litre of Vico, and watch the Game Show Network. (But not on Tuedsays. I’ve got a meeting on Tuesdays.)

  8. Ahhh! Vico! I had no idea that Saskatchewan was the only province who called it that until about two years ago.
    I remember when I was 15, my friend went to Edmonton and came back telling us that she went into a store and asked about a bunnyhug. They looked at her as though she was insane. She explained that they didn’t HAVE the word bunnyhug.
    My world exploded. I love Saskatchewan for its crazy words and I convert everybody I can to say bunnyhug. It’s not a hoodie. Hoodie is a retarded word.

  9. I have rules for “how to win an argument” on my blog somewhere but the rest are all ad hoc 🙂

  10. She can do a Carlton that will make you cry?? That’s a hell of a talent – it must be beautiful. 🙂

  11. I love The Fresh Prince! And, dude, him shirtless was a surprise and wonder to behold.

  12. Laughter is the best medicine…and a word on my son’s summer spelling list. Why can’t he remember that enjoy is spelled with a j and not a g? Does friendly actually have an -ley at the end? I begin to wonder….

  13. talea: My son came up to me and asked for his bunny hug at the playground. I had to wipe a little tear of pride away.

    nursemyra: I’ll look, but I’m bound to be distracted by an errant testicle…

    Maria: Well, it makes ME cry. I’m weird that way.

    Captain: The shirtless episode was one of my favorites: Carlton and Will try to be male strippers. Awe. Some.

    writinggb: There’s something estethically pleasing about enjoy with a “g”. Engoy. Dammit. That’s gonna take some undoing.

  14. Engoy just always makes me think of engorged and that leads to well… hmmm. Glad my son is merely confused!

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