Honestly, I’m Not a Great Big Bitch (Well, At Least Not in This Case)


If you read a lot of blogs, I’m sure you’ve seen this floating around:


It’s called the Arte Y Pico Award.


“This award was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creativity, and for contributing to the blogging world in whatever medium.”


Twice, in the last few weeks, someone thought I was worthy of it.


Max at Celluloid Blonde nominated me. Then, Gigi at Above the Clouds It’s Sunny sent it my way.


I am humbled and grateful and pleased. Mostly pleased.


You’re supposed to pass it on to others you feel are worthy.  But first, you’re supposed to link back to a page explaining the who, what, when , where, why of the award. 


And therein lies the problem.


Every time I open the page from which the award originates, my computer freaks right the hell out. It thinks it is under attack. It’s all, “The Portuguese are coming! The Portuguese are coming!”. Walls fly up, emergency scans are completed.


So it’s not that I don’t appreciate the award. I do. I’m just not passing it on, because my computer is intolerant of the Portuguese. (Damn racist laptop! I’m putting it in the same sensitivity training rehab Michael Richards and Isaiah Washington went to. Expensive, but worth it.)


Thanks again, ladies!


P.S. My title reminded me of one of the all-time greatest songs from a cartoon (the “Gem” theme song notwithstanding – now there was a broad who was truly outrageous. Not like that poseur Strawberry Shortcake). Enjoy.




13 responses to “Honestly, I’m Not a Great Big Bitch (Well, At Least Not in This Case)

  1. Truly truly truly outrageous.

  2. Damned Portugese.

  3. Rassles: Those were the days, my friend. The 80’s. When cartoons were based on toys, and not the other way around.

    Talea: I know, right? Then, they have to go and infect Brazil with their language. (Oh my god, that was SO my racist laptop, not me. Thing’s outta control).

  4. ridiculous! Love the clip by the way. funny as hell.

  5. Ha! I almost named my oldest Kyle. And I am a bitch. LOL!

  6. ROFLMAO!! I haven’t seen that video since I watched it when it first aired!! Damn. That was funny.

    I can always count on you to make me laugh!!

  7. Congrats on the blog love. You deserve it . . .

    Have you tried using Firefox? My whole internet experience changed for the better since making the reluctant switch . . .

  8. Kyle’s mom’s a bitch she’s a great big bitch she’s the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. . . I love Southpark. And you deserve the award (though I didn’t know it existed and I’ve never seen it), so congrats!

  9. Bluestreak: Belated welcome. That clip just doesn’t get old.

    Sue: Well, if you want, you could always change the words to your son’s name, like I do.

    Fashion Paramedic: Oldie, but a goodie. Waaay back then, I used to think I could never have kids if I thought shit like South Park was funny. Turns out, I can.

    Tysdaddy: I am such a Luddite. But I may have to jump on the firefox bandwagon. Soon.

    Captain Steve: Thanks. “Kyle’s Mom” is good, but still not as good as their version of “Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel”. Cartman’s part of that still reduces me to tears, of horrible politically incorrect laughter.

  10. yah, yah … let’s blame the Portuguese … you just don’t want to pass the bloody thing on …..

    well deserved!


    I totally blogged that song the other day. That is the BEST SONG OF ALL TIME.

  12. Wendz: Thanks. And let’s hope I haven’t incited a surge of anti-Portuguese rioting?

    Chick: At least a dozen times a day, I start the “Weeeeeelllllll….” part, look at my children, and realize I can’t finish the line. Frus. Trating.

  13. I spent a few months living with my dad, his crazy mean bitch of a wife, and my step brother Kyle.

    I listened to that song over and over again that winter…I think it’s the only way I kept my sanity.

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