Don’t Call it a Comeback


Dear Ginny:


‘Memba me? I’m your blog. The one you said you’d never go more than 3 days without updating. Any of this ringing a bell? Soooo, what’s goin’ on? Things are pretty quiet around here. Was it something I said? Something I did? Where’s the love? You’ve turned me into the red-headed stepchild

 of the internet. Just come back, alright? ‘Cause I’m getting kinda lonely/scared/tired/hungry/bored…


Love and high expectations,


P to D





Dear Blog:


Oh, you irrepressible little scamp! You’re like a cyber Danny deVito, you are! Ir. Re. Pressible.

First of all, you owe an apology to any red-headed stepchildren who read used to read this blog. You’re being unnecessarily saucy, and perpetuating a damaging stereotype. (Even if it’s true). I can only assume you’re lashing out as a bid for my attention.

I’m sorry. I know this sounds lame, but I just haven’t been feelin’ it. And I can’t fake it. I’ve already done more than my yearly limit of memes. Nothing cool from YouTube came across my screen. And that god damned Rassles got me all hooked on the Sporcle.


I’ll try harder. I’ll mix with the common people, try to let stuff happen, write that shit down. I pinky swear.


Continuing to do what I can,






10 responses to “Don’t Call it a Comeback

  1. Summer blogging is difficult, especially if you have kids out of school.
    The bright side is, there is much fun stuff to do in the real world.

  2. I’m lovin’ your blog, thank god–erm, darwin it’s a wordpress.




  3. Way to tell your blog to keep it in his pants!

    Of course, that’s assuming your blog is male. If not, then your blog is simply being irritating. Time of the month? Perhaps . . .

    Either way, you go and have your fun, girl. We’re still here. Waiting . . .


  4. Does it count if my hair’s dyed auburn?

  5. Kitty: “The bright side is, there is much fun stuff to do in the real world.” Fun, sandy. PotAAto, PotaAHto…

    Rime: Thanks for stopping by!

    Tysdaddy: I’ve never really thought of it with a gender. If pressed, I’d say it’s kinda like Morissey: asexual and full of angsty self-pity.

    Captain Steve: “Does it count…” I think you know it does. (I don’t make the rules.)

  6. Sometimes my blog nags from me within my closed laptop. It whispers to me from across the room to come, to write, to amuse and be amused.
    I walk over cautiously and each time I am suckered in. I stare at the empty ‘write’ box and curse it. Curse it for pulling me in and making me feel like I have nothing interesting to contribute to the internets. I know how you feel.
    But I like your blog and glad to see you flick into life for even one post!

  7. come on girl … start feeling it! I miss it …

  8. Do I count as common folks? I found an orange kitten today and called her “Carrots”. If you need a cat, please call. Or call anyway…

  9. You are not common. But you are folk.

    I do not need a cat. No one NEEDS a cat (there I said it), but I feel a road trip in the very near future.

  10. Fuck yeah, Sporcle. And yeah, keep writing.


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