Can’t Sleep, Clown’ll Eat Me…

Today was June 3.  Today was the day my son finally emptied his Christmas stocking.  Because that’s the kind of year it’s been.

At the bottom of the stocking was an “I Spy” card game. 


“I Spy” is a book series, based on making kids find stuff, all tucked in amongst other stuff.  (Excellent training for shopping at Goodwill in the future.  But I digress.)


Each card in this game has an image on it.  Whistles, plastic cars, marbles.  And creepy ass clowns.



And creepy ass clowns in shadows.


“Wow, those could give a kid nightmares!” I says to myself.


That was nothin‘.


Send in….the skeletons.



At this point, I check the package.  “For children age 4 and up.”  Hmm.


Are they just using stills from Tool videos?



But seriously, what the fuck is this?


The package says the cards were made in the USA.  But I can’t help but think some Japanese company had a hand in this, some shadowy conglomerate.  “Osaka Horror Movie and Happy Smile-time Toys Concern”, perhaps?


14 responses to “Can’t Sleep, Clown’ll Eat Me…

  1. The clown is clearly visible on the cover, but strangely enough the skeletons are hiding in the closet. Thank you for bringing the dark, satanic underbelly of this youth corrupting tool into the light for the rest of us. I will so be at the book burning with bells on. Bells are still in right? 😕 If not, I guess I’ll be burning them too. 😐 Three cheers for, Ginny, our savior. Yippy-doodles, yippy-doodles, yippy-doodles. 🙂 Whoa, I’m getting a little dizzy from all the love filling me from within. I better go lay down. 😉

  2. Lol, that’s funny! I love I Spy books, but they can be very disturbing. They have a Halloween version out that’s downright spooky.

  3. Peter: I’ve whittled down your comment in my mind to get what I want out of it: “Ginny, our savior.”

    JT: The “Mom & Me” one actually makes me laugh. But that one where the skeleton is hiding behind books…damn! I think I’ll be passing on the Halloween version 😉

  4. No wonder he didn’t empty his stocking on Christmas!

  5. Wow, are you sure this wasn’t the Halloween version? And as for goodwilling for the next stockings….

    My husband and I recycle Halloween candy for the X-mas stockings, even the little toys from their various birthday parties get stuck in there, they eat two about pieces of candy, break a few toys and then it ends up under their bed(probably with the scary clowns).

    I think we’ve recycled the same pinata candy for the last 3 years. The moral here being if you come to our house, don’t eat any candy:) Great post,

  6. “I think we’ve recycled the same pinata candy for the last 3 years.” A mom who is speakin’ my LANGUAGE!! Nicely done. (And welcome!)

  7. Loved the Tool drop. I listened to 10,000 Days on my way to class today. I don’t think that CD has left my car since the day it was released.

    And, yea, them’s some creepy pictures. Tuck the kids in with an extra kiss tonight . . .

  8. Yeah, I think we’ll stick to Candyland for before-bed entertainment!

  9. I love these Anita Marie so needs to see them.

  10. Wow…this isn’t Hello Kitty is it?
    But the cards are very cool-
    anita marie

  11. Welcome, Anita Marie!

    Cool, but not so cool for a 5 year old with an active imagination who’s prone to nightmares…

  12. You only say that because you have not heard the stories about Anita Marie when she was five.

  13. Well, then, back to Anita Marie’s blog….

  14. Oh Max.
    You are so funny.
    Most of the good stuff started when I was 6.

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