“I’m A Do The Things That I Wanna Do”


We’ve been sick at my house this week. Really sick. 3 different kinds of sick. The 5 year old was stuffed up and sleepy for 2 days, baby girl’s 2 days of sneezing have evolved into a seal-bark, and then there’s the husband. He spent 4 days in bed, on the verge of delirium. He’s dropped 20 pounds (Don’t be impressed. He eats a cracker or has a glass of water, he’ll be right back where he started). When #1 son realized he felt better, and Daddy had the plague, he said “Hey! That’s where my sick went! Thanks for taking it, Dad!”


In that spirit, I’m hoping you can help me.


I’ve had the same tune in my head all fricking morning. My husband has been raving about the new Weezer song for weeks now. I kept meaning to find it, but (as detailed above) I’ve been a wee bit busy. I found it this morning.


Oh holy hell.


At first, I wasn’t that impressed. I was all, “Yeah, it’s OK, but it’s no ‘Buddy Holly’. It’s not even ‘Hash Pipe’.” And then an hour went by. Then two. And I found myself unloading the dishwasher, and RAWKIN’ OUT to this little ditty. Plus, I’m an unrepentant pop culture junky. Every viral video from the past couple of years gets some face time. (I especially enjoyed the hug between Rivers Cuomo and the “Leave Britney Alone!” dude at 2:17. Why did I find this so touching? It shall haunt me…)


So, if my son’s theory bears out, if I can get the tune stuck in the head of just one other person, I can go on with my life.


In the words of Bartles & Jaymes (upon whose cheap wine coolers my teenage self often became drunk), “Thank you for your support.”



9 responses to ““I’m A Do The Things That I Wanna Do”

  1. DUDE! That is my theme song today. That is just fucking eerie.

  2. So you already HAD it in your head. Explains why I still am not rid of it. NEXT!

    (Thanks for stopping by when it wasn’t required, LB!)

  3. I put this in a myspace bulletin today. LOL.
    And I have a message for you on my blog post today. 🙂

  4. Yay! I’m on my way over!

  5. Gee thanks! Fortunately, I have lots of Weezer to fall back on, so I’ll go erase it with a little Hash Pipe.

  6. ::Grumbles:: Bunch ‘a stoner kids! ::Grumbles::

  7. Sadly, I will not click on that video as I am genetically challenged and retain songs within my tiny brain cavity too easily.

    I have been singing a Jack Johnson rendition of Sublime’s ‘Garden Grove’ now for over a week without intervention and therefore feel assisting you would be doing myself an injustice.

    So soldier on, Ginny. Soldier on.

  8. Thanks AJ. I will survive.

    Oh. Crap.

    Well, at least it got the weezer song out…

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