Apparently, I’m a BAAAAD Mutha

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I went to this website. I typed in my blog’s address. I got my rating.

I felt all tough. Looked at myself in the mirror and said, “Fuckin’ RIGHTS I got an NC-17! That’s how I roll!”

Then I looked at how they arrived at the rating. They’re looking for the incidence of certain keywords, words that will indicate your degree of badassness.

The words that got me banned in 16 states?

“Shit” Yup, I do like that word.
“Fucking” Mmm hmm, that’s right.


“Dead/death”  What now?

“Bitch”  Bitch?  Really?

Wow.  For all they know I could be writing some Christian Dog Lover’s Blog, all innocence and sweetness, talking about how my beloved female dog went to be with the Lord. 


And finally, my personal favorite word that gives me street cred:



If you’ll excuse me, there’s a group of preschoolers somewhere who are NOT appropriate for themselves.  I need to take care of this.


16 responses to “Apparently, I’m a BAAAAD Mutha

  1. I received an NC-17 as well. Which is not surprising but I was surprised that one of their key words in determining my rating was the word, ‘knife.’ That just seems strange.

  2. “Knife”?

    Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  3. I was ‘R’ until I used the word cunt in a post. Then I was in the cool kid’s crowd with you all. :p

  4. I once titled a post “Fuck You, You Fucktarded Fucking Fuckbags.” (It was a bad day.) I’m not even going to bother seeing what my rating is 😛

  5. You all are foulmouthed!

    I fucking love you.

  6. That site is awesome, I am NC-17 due to the incidence of “sexy”, “slutty”, “bitch”, and “shit”…well EXCUUUSSE ME for being awesome!! (and Em if you tried entering your URL I’m pretty sure the blog-rating site would go haywire and cyberspace would implode into itself 😉 …)

    PS: oh Hi Ginny, you’re probably wondering who the f**k I am, and the thing is, your comments on Em and Talea’s blogs (both of whom are super-cool biatches that I actually got to MEET IN PERSON through blogging….WHAT!??!?!) made me laugh so hard I was wooed over to your site….and actually, knowing now that your blog is rated NC-17, I”m sure I’ll be coming back 😉

  7. AWWWWW, thanks Romi! Welcome!

  8. Damn. I am only pg-13. I even posted naked pictures of myself a while back, but apparently they weren’t racy or anything.

    And here I thought I was at least a little daring.

  9. I was thinking that, Scylla! I could have all sorts of pictures; pictures of depraved, semi-legal things (not that such pictures exist) (so everyone should stop searching the internet for them) (please), and could theoretically be rated G, but god forbid I say “poop”.

  10. Golly, gee whiz, Ginny, I thought I knew you. I can’t believe you’re sporting the NC-17 tag, and now hobnobbing with some of the internet’s most infamous blogging skanks… For shame. And then to top it off you go and use the “P” word repeatedly, like it’s ok or something. Maybe you can’t see it, but I’m shaking my finger at you very disapprovingly… Tisk, tisk, tisk. 😐

  11. You might be more believable if it wasn’t the MIDDLE finger you were shaking at me…

  12. Your post about Treehouse TV was the beginning of the end.

  13. I would most definitely be slapped with a label telling all churchy/goody twoshoes/children/easily offended crybabies to fuck off.
    Whoops! I mean, to politely click the ‘x’ in the top right of their goddamned screen.
    Oh shit, I can’t even stop.

  14. AJ: You’re right. When you look back at the beginning of the blog, I’m using made up words like f@$%. How quaint. Was I ever so young?

    Talea: It’s like a slippery slope. Of shit.

  15. I am completely adding you to my Reader, if that’s ok.

  16. Mais oui, Steve!

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