I’m so very, very tired. Mentally, emotionally, physically. (Is there any other way to be tired? Cause if there is, I’ll claim that one too.) And you know how when you’re tired, something hits your sense of humor juuuust right, and pretty soon, you’ve laughed so hard you need a change of underwear?


My 5 year old son is getting into the bath tonight. Naked, his junk flying hither and yon, he literally leaps into the tub, clutching a water pistol, half yelling, half singing, “Debauchery! Debauchery! Debauchery!”. I’m laughing so hard, the only sound I can make is an intermittent high pitched squeal. He refuses to tell me where he heard the word, or how he knew it was so very appropriate for this moment. It’s probably just as well.

Kids are fucking weird.  And, every now and again, highly amusing.


(Image borrowed from here.  Thanks.)


4 responses to “Debauchery

  1. “Debauchery! Debauchery! Debauchery!”

    LOL Ginny! Best use of that word I’ve ever heard.

  2. Ah yes…I remember when bath time put it’s spell on me. 😛

    Bubbles anyone? 😉

    PS “His junk” hahahahah 😆

  3. Debauchery? LOLOL

    That’s like my 4 year old hearing The Target commercial version of a Beatles’ song and yelling ‘BLASPHEMY!!’

    Our kids are awesome.

  4. Blasphemy??? OMG, that’s even better! He’s always really enjoyed big words, since he was a baby. Wonder if it has something to do with having writers for moms? 😉

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