“Ghosts” in the Night

It’s a late winter/early spring night, and I can’t sleep. Can’t find the right blanket to body ratio, one pillow isn’t enough but two are too many, husband is making smells/noises, etc, I start to obsess about the age of our smoke alarms. Clearly, sleep ain’t gonna happen.


I flip on the TV. The last channel someone was watching was PBS. My retinas are trying to adjust to all the light. The picture’s not making sense. I realize that several minutes have elapsed, and the picture’s still not making sense.


There’s this band. Two guys. One of them is playing keyboards. He’s wearing a cape (I’m a sucker for a cape. There’s a kid in my son’s preschool who wears one every now and again. For no reason, other than it makes him happy. I dig that kid.). A white, spangly cape with a big ol’ Dracula collar. The other guy is singing, and dancing his ass off. Two long braids in his hair. Big sunglasses. They look like they’re prescription. His dance is part Native American tribal, part Elvis, with a hint o’ Mick Jagger strut. Every now and again, he stops to push his glasses back up onto the bridge of his nose, in a most un-rockstar like fashion.


I have the volume down (It is, after all, the middle of the night, and I am unfailingly polite). The closed captioning is on. I spend the next half hour trying to figure out whether I like them or not. But they definitely made an impression. I don’t know their name, but thanks to the closed captioning, I have some lyrics. “Ain’t no party in a sad, sad city…”.


Turns out they are Ghostland Observatory. They’re from Austin, TX.  The song is called “Sad Sad City”.


I’m not sure if I like them. But I can’t get them out of my head.  Still.


(This is the song I saw them performing on “Austin City Limits.” He doesn’t do the endearing/freaky glasses push-ups that he did when I saw him on TV. But I still find him riveting, nonetheless.)


Enjoy. Or just be bewildered. Your choice.


UPDATE:  Here’s the link to the actual  performance I saw on “Austin City Limits”.  The embed is disabled, or I would have used this clip.  And now, I can’t fricking stop watching it.  Arrgghh!


7 responses to ““Ghosts” in the Night

  1. I saw a band a couple of years ago called “Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.”

    I’m a sucker for capes, too. So is my Spanky, 14, she came home from a class trip to an amusement park with a Batman cape just last weekend.
    Capes rock!

    (That’s good music, BTW, thanks for sharing.)

  2. Back in the day when I was doing copious amounts of blow and booze, I would dug the mother fucking balls off this song.

    My God G-Girl…don’t get old. But if you do, just let the external “corpus” age. Keep the mind thinking it’s 26.

    Convince yourself that your still svelte and trim and that your tits are a lovely 34C and not the 46 LONG they’ve become.

    Mind over matter. And at my age, bladder


  3. Peter: I know, man.

    Kitty: Spanky is 14 and still rockin’ a cape? Awesome. Gives me hope.

    Laurie: Maybe that’s the problem, what’s keeping me from not truly enjoying them; not enough coke. Hmmm.

    And how did you know about the 46 longs? Because those pictures were from an awkward angle, and the lighting was bad, and….

  4. I love it. There’s a hotdamn synthesizer. I love it.

  5. Hey Ginny,
    Random check in on your life/blog, and saw a reference to a cape-wearing kid — so sweet! As a gene contributor to said child, I appreciate the positive commentary. I let out a big Aww! that made one of the non-cape-wearing kids almost wake up.
    Aaanyway. Just spent an hour trying to book a hotel in Kelowna for the August long weekend, about 2 months too late. Very quickly downgraded my expectations from the ‘Anything Resort’ to the ‘OK motel’.
    Wrong forum to tell you about this, though…
    Talk to you later.

  6. Hey Tara! He is, truly, a cool little kid. Look at his parents, how could he miss? 😉

    And hey, if your motel truly sucks, I won’t be QUITE as jealous that you got away. You’re so thoughtful!

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