Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. We exchanged cards. He sent some lovely flowers (I called to thank him. He asked, “Did they get it right?” I said “Well, they’re flowers, and they brought them to our house, so…. how could they have gotten it wrong?” “Well, are there 10 pairs of flowers?” he asked. Wow. That’s pretty damn thoughtful.) The kids wondered why the huge bouquet was here. (It’s big. Not, “My horse just won the Kentucky Derby!” kind of big, but big, nevertheless). I tried to explain the concept of anniversaries to them. I decided a visual aid was in order, and pulled out an album of snapshots from the wedding (Waaaay better than the official “portraits” we sat for. What a waste of time and money. Ahh, hindsight!) As I’m answering the kids’ questions, I’m noticing something.



A lot of the people in these pictures are dead.



Some of them were old. My husband’s paternal grandmother passed away a year and a half ago. His other grandma died 11 months after the wedding. Her son followed her 6 months later. He was only 55.


Most of them weren’t old, though.


The woman I used to work with. In the midst of an exceptionally bad divorce, she killed herself in a way that was so incredibly outlandish, it still doesn’t seem real.


My uncle and my little cousin. A car accident took them both.


A beautiful, blond, 10 year old boy. I used to work at an office in his house, for his mom. Even now, I can’t think about him without smiling. (He came into the office one day, having been told to phone a guy named “Bill” about a horse. He was getting frustrated, because he couldn’t find the number in the phone book. I told him it would be under “William”. He stared at me for a full 5 seconds. “You better not be shittin’ me”, he said.)


The emcee at the reception, a family friend who was closer than family. I’d known her since I was 4. They always talk about people who die “doing what they loved.” But she really did.



The wedding was a lot of fun. I’m just really glad we all had that one fun night together. I’m more grateful for it now than I ever thought I’d be.


7 responses to “Anniversary

  1. I find this post endearing and disturbing all at the same time.

  2. The post, or me, Max? 😉

    That’s the kind of day it ended up being. Endearing and disturbing. I wonder if there’s a word that means both. If there is, it’s probably Russian.

  3. A lot can happen in ten years. At my son’s wedding my father in law (a mortician with a dark sense of humor) got with my husband and son to take a photo and he burst out laughing. Said, “I’m gonna die soon just for taking this picture. Everytime the old man gets in a wedding photo with his son and grandson, he’s dead.”

    Happy tenth. I’ll have to go dig up what you left for me on my blog for the big anniversary… it was something hilarious.
    I’ll be back.

  4. Happy belated anniversary. Congratulations on the first ten. 🙂

  5. Congrats on 10 years!
    I’m so awkward – I really want to know more about some things you mentioned, but I’m sure you would have shared them had you wanted to.

    What kind of flowers?

  6. Kitty: Your people are always so interesting. Or is it just that you know which stories to tell? 😉

    Peter: Thanks for your kind wishes. And your optimism.

    Maria: Thanks. Each of them has potential for a short story. Maybe I could tell them that way???
    The flowers were:
    2 red roses
    2 peachy roses
    2 pink orchids
    2 blue orchids
    2 birds of paradise
    2 red gerberas
    2 green spiny things I’ve seen before but don’t know the name of
    2 little bunches of burgundy flowers I’ve never seen
    2 stems of pink flowers I thought were gladiolas, but Owen tells me they’re not
    2 yellow tulips
    (All combined to make one crazy-ass riot of color)

  7. Oh, they are interesting Cajuns. LOL. Always some drama going on over there. Which of course absolutely fascinates me.

    I’m still thinking about that story of yours when your hubby cut one under the covers and your little boy who had snuck in during the night said, “Duuuuuude.”
    That still cracks me up. Real people, real stories. Nothing off limits. You’ve got your own brand of humor.

    So happy to see you back online and blogging away. yay!

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