Hypocrisy on Parade


I’m back. The less said about our time apart, the better. Thank you for sticking with me. Now, to the task at hand.



So I’m watching TV yesterday. And I swear, all 3 of these items aired within a 20 minute span. I swear.


  1. A TV reporter is stopping people in their cars, doing man-on-the-street interviews. The subject is a proposed bylaw that would outlaw the use of hand-held cellphones by drivers. Most people are fairly indifferent. Except this one guy. “Oh my, yes! I think it’s a great idea! These people are a danger, and they need to be stopped! Yes, yes, get that law passed!” I admire his passion on the subject. And I might have taken him seriously. If he hadn’t had a GREAT BIG POODLE jumping up and down on his lap.


  2. A furniture store did a midnight run, leaving nothing behind but wires on the walls and “Sale!” signs on the windows. This very nice lady was telling her very sad story. The company made off with her $2000 deposit. She won’t be getting it back. That sucks. Then they showed a close up of the invoice. The item she’d been purchasing? A $7000 bedroom suite. And as the camera closed in further on the invoice, the name of the purchaser was revealed. Was it Suzy Q. Consumer’s name? Nope. Her husband’s company. Nothing pisses me off worse than when I’m trying to fuck over the government by claiming my oak four-poster as a business expense, only to get fucked over myself.


  3. Jon & Kate Plus 8” is a show on TLC. In short, it’s a show about a family with a set of twins, and a set of sextuplets. (I have a lot of issues with this show, and others of its ilk. But that’s a whole other bitchy post.) (Oh, and it would be, what’s the word?, hypocritical of me not to admit that I watch the hell out of these shows. What a dirty, dirty little voyeur I can be.) The mother, Kate, is an avowed user of organic products. A babysitter is seen bribing all 8 kids with lollipops. Kate finds out. She inhales sharply. “Oh God! Were the lollipops organic?” Kate conceived these children with the aid of many fertility drugs. Somehow, manipulating nature in such a way that you are able to produce a litter of children doesn’t seem very organic, either.


8 responses to “Hypocrisy on Parade

  1. Oh my God. I could fucking kiss you over number 3. Jesus H. Tapdancin’ Christ!

  2. Thanks Maria! I’m not exactly opposed to using artificial means to conceive, but man, you can’t have it both ways!

  3. LOL at #3. A little “fertilizer” is good for crops.

  4. Good one, Allen 😉

  5. Oh come on, dish us the dirt on your short hiatus. It’s only the internet, you know, kind of private.

    What’s the worst that can happen?


  6. I appreciate your curiousity Allen. Sadly, mundane doesn’t begin to cover it…

  7. #3 Organic Doctor, DUH!!! 😉

  8. As always, you are so wise Peter 😉

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