Oh Richie Sambora! Not you, too?

The latest celeb caught and charged with DUI?  Jon Bon Jovi’s wingman, the ex-Mr. Heather Locklear, Richie Sambora.  In honor of this debacle, I direct you to one of my earlier posts, which clearly states my position on such shenanigans.

Because Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk
 Tsk, tsk, Mr. Sambora.  Tsk, tsk.

5 responses to “Oh Richie Sambora! Not you, too?

  1. Poor Ritch. 😦

  2. My eyes! I’m so not going there. but when I see the word “hummer” without capitalization…

    Frickin’ guy


  3. Poor Rich? Poor Rich’s DAUGHTER in the backseat!

  4. Ya know, Ginny, ostensibly, I too am a stay at home Mom, if you consider my blog to be a dependent…which really, it is, and considering my blog turns one FUCKING year old this weekend, I’m writing a special commemorative post on Friday 3/28 and yessum, you’re in it.

    Stop by and have a piece of cake. It’s metaphor flavored.


  5. Ain’t no party like an LK party cuz an LK party don’t stop!!!

    Wouldn’t miss it!

    (And I am a sucker for anyone (and there aren’t many) who can drop the word ostensibly into a sentence…)

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