So I’m watching “Law & Order” tonight.  The “Law” part starts with a sub-prime mortgage scheme.  People with bad credit were unwittingly signing over their homes to a con man.  He, in turn, was using his “temporary” possession of their titles to sell these homes.  He was, of course, caught in a sting. (And can I just stop this story to say, “Yay” and “Atta-boy!” to whomever cast Jeremy Sisto on the show this season.  Although I can’t quite shake the memory of him as uber-creepy, pseudo-incestuous Billy Chenowith on “Six Feet Under”, there is still a certain something about him….But I digress.)  Way to go cops.  Bad, bad mortgage con man!

 First commercial break.  “Have you missed a few mortgage payments?  Wanting to get back on track?  Call Canadian Mortgage Lenders….”  Seriously?  If I was that company, I’d sooo be asking for my money back. 

 Somewhere, in a darkened control room, some TV dude is laughing himself stupid, then drying his eyes, then contemplating a career change.


4 responses to “Timing

  1. Jeremy Sisto is totally sassy I like him bunches.

  2. Mmm hmmm! I enjoy him greatly.

  3. I *very nearly* started watching that solely because Mr Sisto was in it. But that would have felt like I was cheating on Michael C Hall (Dexter) and I couldn’t do that.

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