What Worries Me

There is a blizzard going on here.  It is -40 degrees (no matter which temperature scale you’re using) when you factor in windchill.  Snow has been falling all day.  Big, floaty flakes.  Sugary grains.  All day long.  There is nearly a foot of it on the ground.  

 I woke up and thought it was beautiful.  In the next second, I started to worry…

Getting to the store was not going to be easy.  We My husband would have to shovel like hell just to get to the car.  Then, I would have to hope it started.  This city is not always on top of snow removal.  Suffice it to say, we will have to get by on what we have.

The first thing I worry about?

Toilet paper.

Really?  Toilet paper?


Because I believe the rest can be improvised.  Food?  We always have lots (probably too much) of that around.  If that ran out, we still have the building blocks with which to make more.  Drink?  The box of wine from Christmas ain’t quite tapped out yet, I have a couple cases of diet coke, and let’s face it, snow can be melted in an emergency.  Entertainment?  Well, if the cable went out, we could finally get around to all those seasons of TV shows on DVD that we keep meaning to watch.  The kids, thanks to my laissez-faire parenting, are excellent at entertaining themselves.  Diapers?  Just stocked up yesterday.

But toilet paper?  You can’t fake that.


4 responses to “What Worries Me

  1. Anyone with true prairie pioneer blood in their veins would just use snow! C’mon Nancy-pants, toughen up.

    (har har)


  2. I thought about it some more and I think snow is a bad idea. It’ll let all the cold air in the house when you get your bucket. The true homesteader answer is to crack open the Sears Wish Book. Be careful which pages you give to the kids though. They might start wanting stuff and be reluctant to do what needs to be done.


  3. In a fit of poor foresight, I just put the Sears wishbook into the recycling last week. Of course. Plus, I’m married to a plumber. I have been so conditioned to automatically reject anything except easy-to-flush plain toilet paper, that I admit I didn’t even consider the catalogue. Your pioneer instincts are much better than mine.

  4. I am now thinking about my magazine collections in a whole new light… Harper’s… Entertainment Weekly… Back issues of Premiere, Vanity Fair and Cineaste… If only I’d kept a few issues of US Weekly from that dark time before they finally stopped sending it… I’m not sure one would be able to tell if it had been, ahem, “used” or not… (wink).

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