Someone in a relationship asks, “Do you think I’m overreacting?”


Impossible to tell.


Because this incident is just a thread. Judged on its own, it seems innocuous.


But every thread is tied to another. And another.


Reaction “C” is not directly related to Action “C”. Instead, it is a leftover from Action “A”, is still kind of about Action “B”, and is now using Action “C” as a release.


Any relationship that has gone on for a long time (maybe too long) is one great big bad knot.


Some people have the intestinal fortitude to try to unravel the knot, make things better. They remember that there were once good things in the middle of the knot, and they want them back.


Some people accept the knot for what it is. They are comfortable with the knot; they pet it and say “Nice knot.” They walk around the knot, not really noticing it, until (every now and again) it rolls through and knocks their feet out from under them.


And some people are too tired to unravel the knot. They can’t get comfortable with it; its mere presence is draining. These people take out a big ol’ pair of scissors.


They cut that knot right out.


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