Out with the Old…

The “Official” list of things I was thankful for in 2007 (as included in our non-obnoxious Christmas letter):

1.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders finally, finally won the Grey Cup, justifying over 10 years of love and devotion.

2.  I finally made it to Vancouver.  Twice.

3.  I got to watch an old pal get married, and got to hook up (no, not like that) with some old friends at the same time.

What I was really, really thankful for this year:

1.  My daughter started sleeping through the night.  From April 2006 to May 2007, I had never slept for more than 3 hours at a stretch.  I will never be the same again.  But I’m getting better.

2.  There will be no more children.  No “Uh-oh’s”.  No “Woops’s!”  I love my babies.  I know my limits.

3.  Facebook.  Yes, it has its own set of inherent evils.  For every 2 people I am ecstatic to have reunited with, there has been at least 1 holy hell annoying person I’m too nice to say fuck off to.  I realize shadowy groups of people have pieces of my personal information (I gave it to them.  I totally needed to find out what my stripper name would be).  But damn, I love it.  I found people I really, truly missed.  It’s easy to keep up with distant friends, without having to actually (gasp!) talk to them.  And I got an apology from a boy who screwed me over in Grade 12.  Victory is mine!

4.  The good bra store a friend told me about.  Gravity and time are twin bitches.  These bras do their bit to help.

5.  I broke up with a truly toxic friend.  There is no protocol for these situations.  I did it anyway.  So worth it.

6.  The writing class I took.  It got me back on track, got me sending stuff out, got me thinking. 

7.  This blog.  Turns out they’ll give one of these things to any crackpot….  Seriously, this has been an amazing experience.  Writing for an audience, that may or may not ever read this has been a step towards considering myself a writer.

Have a wonderful last night of 2007!


10 responses to “Out with the Old…

  1. Happy New Year Miss.

    [victory so rocks]

  2. Thanks Max. Same to you!

  3. “Writing for an audience, that may or may not ever read this has been a step towards considering myself a writer.”

    I look at my old blog posts and I’m amazed at the improvement in just a year.

    Of course, a lot of that is due to my writer’s group.

    Both great things to improve writing skills.
    Have a great New Year, Ginny.

  4. Not that yours needs improving. It came out the gate in great form.
    Love the new template.

  5. It is somewhat disturbing to me you all are blogging to “improve the writing” while I am blogging to just fucking write who cares if it is good just write or do something creative anything creative you put it up there it counts.

    I have a barrelful of credentials so my perspective is different. I now I can, I know I do, I know people pay me for it. That is different. But, I do not show up at blogs where people cannot write. That would be horrific and painful and useless and un-entertaining to me. I show up where people can write. Are mostly entertaining. And do write. Well.

    And I know I can write. I have won a crapload of awards.

    So maybe think about assuming you can write and this is not about can, or improve, this is about do?

  6. I believe writing is a gift and skills can only improve so much. I don’t think a bad writer could ever become a good one or a good one could ever become a great one.

    I do go to blogs that are not well written but show some other skills. Profound thoughts or photos. Natural dialogue. Jokes. Or just if a person has been courageous enough to leave a ton of comments on my blog. But most of the bloggers I “hang” with do write well.

  7. You go to blogs that exibit an outstanding trait.

    [Thank fuck you go to mine or I would sure look stupid saying all this. Anyway. Ahem.]

    Let me put this another way.

    I do not go to blogs that do not display something I consider special.

    I come here because I consider your writing special.

    It is special enough to me that I return. Regularly.

  8. I couldn’t have said that better myself.

  9. Oh, and Max, I’ve been hanging around your forum and blog places for what, 10 years now?

    Damn right you’re special.

  10. For me, it is the ACTION of blogging that, if anything, is making me a better writer. I am extremely lazy. Like, nearly comatose, somebody check to see if she is still breathing, kind of lazy. And even though I just don’t have it in me to write every day for a month, or even (holy crap Max, what an accomplishment) a year, this little baby does make me write more often than I normally would.

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