The Reluctant Samaritan

In the car:

“I wanna go to Toys R Us.”

“It’s too close to Christmas buddy.  You’re not getting any toys.”

“I just really wanna go…”

“OK, but if we buy any toys, its to donate them to charity.”


In Toys R Us:

“This is the one!  This is the Spongebob Operation Game.  We have to buy this!”

“OK.  You can pay for it with this.  Then, ask the cashier where the donation bin for Santas Anonymous is.”


At Santas Anonymous Headquarters:

“Hi, we wanted to donate this, but there was no bin at the toy store.”

“Oh, thanks so much!  And thank you little boy!  That’s a very nice thing you did.  May I shake your hand?”

(Silence) (Screws face into a Billy Idol sneer) (Reluctantly shakes hands)

At home, hours later, apropos of nothing:

“I have too many toys.  I probably don’t need more stuff at Christmas.”


“I bet Santa saw me do that good thing, hey?  He’s gonna wanna give me way more stuff now…”


4 responses to “The Reluctant Samaritan

  1. “He’s gonna wanna give me way more stuff now…”


  2. Yup. One step forward, two gigantic leaps back…

  3. Isn’t it wonderful to see human nature in such a dynamic state, so close to the surface? Greed dancing with compassion. I think compassion will win in the end.


  4. That’s exactly what every day at home with the kids is like; I get to watch the dance minute to minute. But I do get the feeling compassion wins out. I don’t think I could do this job if I didn’t…

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