Random Thoughts, Which Aren’t Actually That Random

1.  This weekend, my husband and I will be staying in a hotel room.  With no kids.  For the first time in over 4 years.  The last time we stayed in a hotel room without kids….we conceived one. 

 2.  On Tuesday, the Frontier Hotel on the Vegas strip was imploded.  Ahh, progress.  When we were in Vegas over 4 years ago, we stayed on the north end of the strip.  I’m pretty sure we drank at the Frontier.  I wonder how long it will be before they implode the hotel we stayed at.

3.  I am selling my fat clothes tomorrow.  Seven different sizes of clothes are going to the consignment store.  One of the items in the lot – a black dress.  The one and only time I ever wore it was on the night that I think I became pregnant with my son.  Over 4 years, and 3 washings later, I finally got the Vegas stripper’s silver eyeshadow off of it.


13 responses to “Random Thoughts, Which Aren’t Actually That Random

  1. LOL. Are you going back to Vegas?

  2. Despite the fact that what happens in Vegas DOESN’T always stay in Vegas, I would love to go back. It’s my Disneyland.

  3. You crack me up, girl.

    I’ve never been to Vegas. My girlfriends ask me to go at least twice per year. Maybe I’ll take a trip with them now that my kids are older.

  4. Kitty- please get on board with me and pressure Ginny DAILY to get her passport rockin’ so we CAN go to Vegas… I’ve never been either and it sounds to me like Ginny’s the gal to go with.

    Though, if you try to knock me up while we’re there honey all bets are off (wink).

  5. I’ve had the surgery….you’re safe 😉

  6. Get the passport rockin’ girl!!!

    This time what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Blackouts and all.

  7. Ooo Ooo Does that mean I can get married and then, like, FORGET IT HAPPENED? That might be fun… Hmmm… It’d be like that episode of the Simpsons….

  8. No, you are not going to Vegas to get married. No way, no how. LOL.

  9. Hey now…. All I ask is that you withhold judgement until we figure out who the guy is? I mean, if you’re allowed to help pick would that change your mind MizzKitty?? Huhn? Huhn?

  10. No weddings. Period. Even if Clooney is involved.

  11. Okay. I adore you. But you’re just being mean now. (LOL)

  12. You’ll thank me later for the no weddings rule.

    Right Ginny?

  13. Ummmm, well, all I can say is that GETTING married can be a lot of fun. We can always have it “taken care of” later….

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