Today, a bank statement for my husband’s business came in the mail.  Which is weird, because he just got one on Friday.  I open it.  It is from August.  Hmmm.

Then I look at the envelope.  Scrawled across the front of the envelope, in some childish handwriting, are the words “wrong address”.  There is a brownish red smear beside the words.  I flip it over.  On the back, two fingerprints in the same brownish red substance.

I’m pretty sure it’s blood.

What have you seen, little bank statement?

5 responses to “Ummmm….

  1. Yeesh.

    I’m thinking Tom Robbins – the can of beans, the bloodied envelope…

  2. I really do need to go back and read that again; I might get more out of it over the age of 12…

  3. Jeez. I am totally creeped out now.

  4. A more level headed friend thinks it’s probably chocolate. Chocolate can’t creep you out.

  5. Too late. In my head it will forever be blood spattered hands leaving prints.

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