The Friend You Have Dialed is No Longer in Service


3 times this morning, my phone rang.


3 of my friends were making decisions


Ugly, big, far-reaching decisions.


Decisions that would affect themselves, their families, their careers.


And I didn’t have the god damned words to help them.


Any of them.


The first time, I tried.


The second time, I sat back, waiting for the words.


They never showed.


The third time, I was already numb.


Give me something superficial, surface-y, fun.


Then the words spew forth.


But in the crunch.




Call back tomorrow. I’ll try harder.




4 responses to “The Friend You Have Dialed is No Longer in Service

  1. If I have one mission in life it is to help you understand that you are always better with words and wisdom than you think you are.


    And, don’t underestimate the power and relevence of that which is fun.

    I’ve gotten a well-needed – if macabre – giggle almost every day since you told me about how rats can’t vomit.

    F–kin’ brilliant.

  2. Rats can’t puke? LOL.

    Big decisions to take lots of thought. Your friends calling you for help with them says a lot about you. Good things.

    And when you just don’t know how to help? Just an ear is good, too. Sounds like you know this.

  3. Sometimes saying nothing when ugly, big, far-reaching decisions are about to be made, is being the good friend.

  4. And the award for most self-indulgent post of Yesterday goes to…..ME!! Oh my god, this is so unexpected! I don’t even have a speech! I guess I’d like to thank my parents, for coddling me…

    The rat thing? I was at a summer camp once, where all the staff were supposed to stand up, introduce themselves, and give one strange fact. About themselves. I guess one guy didn’t get that last part, and his fact was that rats cannot vomit. I may have forgotten his name, but I will NEVER forget the fact.

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