Nothing, really

I’ve got nothing.

I promised myself.  I was going to post every day this week.

(Except for the weekend.  It seemed reasonable.  Plus I was hungover.)

But today, I’ve got nothing.

Except for one very small, amusing anecdote.

As I was picking my son up from preschool today, I heard the teacher say to two girls, “That’s out of bounds.  You can still die, but you have to come over here to do it.”   I love that teacher.  Some preschool teachers might be tempted to tell little girls that macabre games involving acting out the throes of death aren’t “nice”.  But not her.  Just do it safely.  She’s so great.

I’ll try harder tomorrow.


One response to “Nothing, really

  1. Sounds like a teacher after my own heart. my usual lines are:

    ‘Do want you like just don’t kill eachother’ or ‘die quietly please’

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