I. Will Never. Learn.

Just yesterday, I mentioned the god-awful combination of Doritos and coffee I had consumed.  I looked down at my lunch today.  Turkey pepperoni.  A chimichanga.  Coffee.  Why do I hate my stomach so much?

I was cleaning up at my son’s preschool this morning.  It came time to mix up a new batch of bleach-water for disinfecting.  I poured the bleach.  Then wiped my hands on my shirt.  That makes a total of 4 shirts I have done this to.  None of them were white shirts, unfortunately.

I woke up, feeling like I had forgotten something.  Which is an odd sensation, considering I hadn’t started my day yet.  Then I heard the garbage trucks rumbling down the alley.  All my garbage was safely inside, still in its various receptacles.  Including the week’s diaper output.  Every Tuesday night, I go to bed, convinced I will wake up in time to get the garbage out the next morning.  Why not put it out the night before, you ask?  Good question, Professor Smarty-Pants.  Maybe one day…


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