Me, a Satellite Radio, and Highway 14

Random, random stuff from a 3 hour road trip.

1.  In the past day, I have heard the song “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin, 3 times.  I hadn’t heard it in years before this.  One of the 3 was a muzak version.  Isn’t that song muzak ALREADY?

 2.  The Bison transport truck on my ass for several miles reminded me of Walter.  A guy who showed up at my sister’s one night, after we all stumbled home from the bar.  No one claimed ownership of him, nor responsibility for leading him home.  Really.  But he was a delightful guest.  The next morning my sister sat down and said, “So, Walter, you’re something of an enigma to us.  Share with us.  Who IS Walter?”   He laughed nervously.  Then he left.  And went  back to his Bison transport truck, parked overnight at the Wal-Mart.  My sister, on the way to her own wedding several months later, looked wistfully out the window of the limo, and whispered, “Walter!”.

 3.  Someone’s cows were out.  They had escaped their fenced in pasture, and were grazing dangerously close to the road.  I honked, to make sure they knew I was there.  They looked up, went back to grazing for about 10 seconds, THEN ran back to the pasture.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Cows Are Fucking Dumb.  They are the animal equivalent of a prom queen…she’s pretty, so she doesn’t have to be smart.  Cows are delicious, so they don’t have to be smart.

4.  “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore”, by REO Speedwagon.  The year is 1988.  It is the last night of summer camp.  I am wearing a purple acid washed denim dress, and blue acid washed denim boots (wow, that actually physically pained me to share that).  I am slow dancing with The Cutest Boy at Camp.  I scoped him out.  I hunted him like a trophy.  I bagged him.  I will never be as proud as I am right now.  Over the rest of the summer, I get several letters from him (yes, children, before email, we sent these crinkly things called letters…) professing his undying love, albeit from a distance.  Unfortunately, so did my friend.  And 3 other girls that I knew of.  That was where my theory that blonde boys will only break your heart took root.  I have stuck to this theory, and it has yet to steer me wrong.

5.  Who would have thought, in 1984, that Madonna would completely eclipse Cyndi Lauper?  Obviously, the contest was not based on voice talent, intelligence, song-writing skills, or fiery redness of hair.

6.  Madeleine L’Engle died last week.  She wrote one of my favorite books, “A Wrinkle in Time”.  RIP, Ms. L’Engle.

7.  In 4 years, I will have been with my partner for half my life.  After that, the balance shifts, and I will have been with him more than I was ever without him.  Weird.  I also realized that I have already lived with him for 4 more years than I ever lived with my youngest sister.  I like math, when I can apply it to realtionships.

8.  I’m sure the people in Minneapolis never thought their bridge was going to collapse.  How have I been so complacent for so long?

9.  I was thinking about 9/11 today.  I was on my way to work that day in 2001 when I saw it on the news.  I hadn’t turned the sound up yet.  I was more than half asleep.  I thought they were imploding the Twin Towers, like they do the old hotels in Vegas.  I remember thinking it looked like they hadn’t done a very responsible job of cordoning off the area.  Then I turned up the sound.  Work seemed like the stupidest thing to do that day.  What the hell did any of it matter?  The whole world seemed fucked.  I am still a little amazed that I went on to have kids, in a post-9/11 world. 

10.  When will I learn that while Doritos and coffee seem like a valid combination at the time, I will pay for it dearly in a couple of miles?

3 responses to “Me, a Satellite Radio, and Highway 14

  1. Wow Doritos and coffee are a seriously dangerous combination.

  2. My hole filled esophagus agrees…

  3. Oh jeez. Poor Ginny. Um, Mylanta is your friend.

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