I Wish…

I wish I could get through an entire conversation without referencing a TV show.  My sister’s friend pointed out that we can’t talk for 5 minutes without using the phrase, “Do you remember the episode where…”.

I wish I would do something about the suffering of others in the world.  Instead I just turn off the pictures of starving kids, because I can’t handle the sorrow.  Out of sight, out of mind…

I wish my baby had slept for more than 3 hours at a time in the first year of her life.  I’d have had a few more pleasant memories of a time I’m not going to get back.

 I wish makeup never expired.  Because I have yet to ever use up an entire container of nail polish/lipstick/mascara/etc. before it separated and went all icky.

I wish I could take myself as seriously as I want others to.

 I wish I had read all the books I say I’ve read.  I keep meaning to get around to it.  Luckily, you can divine a lot about a book by reading the jacket and the reviews.

I wish I had been more fit before I got pregnant.  My abs are not my friends.

 I wish I hadn’t said mean things about a girl in my dorm, just to feel better about myself.  The look on her face when she overheard them is still with me – and I deserve it.

I wish I knew why my 4 year old has been sleeping on the floor lately.  I’ve asked him, and he’s been decidedly vague as to why.

I wish I had had time to buy more wine today…


3 responses to “I Wish…

  1. I wish Ginny’d had the time to go buy wine ‘cuz I’m thinkin’ this list might be longer and even more delicious if she had.

    insert appropriately devilish laugh here.

    (home delivery of booze should not just be in England dammit)

  2. Did your 4 year old stop sleeping on the floor? Our three year old does this with relative regularity.

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