8 More Facts…

But enough about me, what do you think of me….  I am on the record as being self deprecating before all else, but Max has tagged me, and I am not a poor sport.

1. I am deathly afraid of thunderstorms. I’m no psychologist, but this might be related to the fact that my siblings, father and I drove into a tornado when I was a kid. Obviously, we all came out OK. After the funnel cloud lifted, a man with no jaw was standing by the side of the road. I freaked out, thinking we needed to get him to a hospital. My dad told me to shut up. Turns out he knew the guy, and the jaw had been lost to cancer 20 years before. I didn’t know that.

2. I have replaced saltines and margarine as my “power snack” (Thanks for that term, Sulya!) It is now Arrowroot cookies and Nutella. Oh. My. God.

3. I swear like a truck driver. I was in the car, trying to make a left hand turn against all odds. A woman driving in my path was going too slow for my liking. I swore at her. And from the backseat came my 2 year old son’s interpretation of what I’d just said: “Huckin’ go, bits!” You piece it together.

4. A boy once felt the need to buy me flowers, as atonement. He went out and bought the most expensive flowers he knew of (orchids). I should have been insulted by the fact he thought that would impress me. Instead I married him.

5. My best friend slept with my prom date. I should have felt something. I didn’t.

6. I slouch. I shouldn’t. I don’t want to. A lifetime of being the tallest girl I knew took its toll. In Grade 12, I was 5’10”, and my best friend at the time was 5’1″. She drove a car with a bench seat. I spent my senior year with my ankles around my ears. And not in a good way.

7. The following words are pleasing to me: Shampoo. Fallopian. Gingivitis. Worms.

8. I hit the 300 pound mark when I was pregnant with my son. The nurses were horrified at my inability to be alarmed.

That is all.

4 responses to “8 More Facts…

  1. Yea Ginny!

  2. You know, when your best friend sleeps with your prom date, you are completely entitled to a Carrie moment. No jury would convict. And blood just perks up any prom. Really. It is in every movie.

  3. Can you have a Carrie moment with a 15 year delay? Like I just show up, ring the doorbell, ask “Is your mommy home?”, then when she comes to the door, throw my bucket of blood, get in my minivan and drive away? It loses something…

  4. Hell yes. There is no statute of limitations on retribution for sleeping with your prom date.

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