I love snippets of conversation.  I get a great line, and can decide for myself where the rest of the story goes.  Last night, I saw Oceans 13 (So many yummy men on one screen.  It was almost like eating cotton candy with a Slurpee chaser.  Too much!)  They do a great bit with Clooney and Pitt. I don’t remember it exactly, but it went something like this:

Clooney: So what did you say?

Pitt:  I said I wasn’t a pancake eater, and I left it on the floor.

Clooney:  How long did it stay there?

Pitt:  Till the next morning.

That’s it, the whole conversation.  Love it!

Some other memorable snippets I have “collected”

2 guys in line behind me buying popcorn at the movies:

Guy 1:  Do you want to hold hands?

Guy 2: Why?  Is there some deal for couples?

Guy 1: No


One from the U of L cafeteria:

Server to his friend, while he’s scooping my mashed potatoes:  So there I am, running across the parking lot with my Hutterite dress up over my head…

My son, at age 2, to a “Clifford” doll:  Clifford, this is my life. (Sigh)

 A bickering couple in line behind me during the Christmas shopping madness:

Guy:  Well, good!  Tell my brother I hope he enjoys syphilis…


3 responses to “Overheard

  1. I totally do that too. Eavesdropping collectibles. It was why when travelling in cities where I did not speak even the tiniest bit of the language I felt vaguely sick at all times… I may not like being around lots of people but I am not whole if I cannot eavesdrop even a little bit…

    Mostly though, your snippets practically made me pee my pants.

    The Clifford one especially. I’m feelin’ ya Ben. I’m feelin’ ya.

  2. Add this to your collection. You can say it was you. I don’t care.

    The final credits are rolling. The movie Waitress is over. The woman is putting on her coat. She says loud and clear “But you were the one who wanted to see it.” Then a few mumbles from the seated man and then clearly, “Chick Flick!”

    Personally I like the saying Dick Flick, but I rarely get the chance to use it.

  3. Dick flick, menny-penny candy…you are on a freakin’ ROLL this week Bronna! (big smiles)

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